I’m a work in progress.  Bear with me whilst I get things up and running.  Pull up a cushion and grab a coffee or ask me a question.  I might even leave a jar of jam and a spoon within reach.  I’m currently on a quest to find Narnia, which I believe is located behind my red shoes and just to the right of a moth eaten brown cardigan, at the back of my pink wardrobe.  I’ll be clear from the start and tell you that I don’t even like pink so if you see it, be sure I was probably under the influence of endorphins and fluffy bed socks.

You’ll find me doing lots of things on my hands and some might involve sweary type words.  There is likely to be an explosion of colour and frank discussions and rants about anything from leggings to libido.  I will be trying out new exercises each Sunday on Instagram and documenting my journey as a 49 year old eccentric, rather cooky, colour loving crazy chick who doesn’t believe that age is a limiting factor.  I’ll be stretching and mobilising my bits and bobs and even nibbling my toes.  Oh the benefits of being more flexible of mind and body.